• Alok Pepakayala

    Alok Pepakayala

    Data visualisation and integrated media developer. If I am not here or on tumblr or reading a book or killing zombies report a missing person x.x

  • Margherita Puca

    Margherita Puca

  • Mira Kwak

    Mira Kwak

  • Ghirardi Nicola

    Ghirardi Nicola

    R&D Data Engineer, Coderdojo Parma, continuos Learner.

  • Thanasis Troboukis

    Thanasis Troboukis

  • Péter Sólymos

    Péter Sólymos

  • Vincenzo Marra

    Vincenzo Marra

    DigitalUHealth Co-founder. I try to rule complexity. Evidence, technology and out-of-the-box creative and strategic thinking help me.

  • Barbara D'Amico

    Barbara D'Amico

    Digital&Data Journalist in Italy (a Country where journalists never get bored). Check out my newsletter https://tinyletter.com/Bdamico

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